Each day of the week there are local markets in Bodrum town and the villages around, where colorful wares and delicious fragrances make shopping a delight. Either in Bodrum itself or in one or other of the surrounding villages on the Bodrum peninsula is a market day every day of the week. Bodrum's Tuesday textile market is famous, with local fabrics from all over the region on saleAs well as fabrics, there are kilims, carpets, kitchen ware, and clothing of all description.Never except first price you are given bartering is all part of the fun in Turkey, and the locals expect it, as you'll probably get it far far cheaper, They can sometimes pester you to go in their shops, but just be polite and say you are going for a drink or somethingA lot of the "Designer Stuff" is fake, and not that we're condoning fakes, but the quality is absolutely second to non. The shirts, jeans, handbags etc... are of a very high quality. Imitation Dolce & Gabbana shirts from £8? Gucci imitation handbags made with real leather £20, it's in almost every shop.They do also have DVDs for sale but a lot of these are second rate copies. Always ask to watch them before buying! They're about £2 eachIf you like your gold this is a great opportunity to buy as its valued much higher in the uk.



There’s no shortage of holiday activities in and around Gumbet, from lazing in the sun all day to clubbing all night long, shopping or venturing out on daily tours, Gumbet is known for many years as a great holiday resort known for its popular bar street, this resort is suitable for family's, young and old for an enjoyable holiday, this will be an unforgettable holiday and you will want to return.



The main Gumbet Beach is one of the longest (600 m ) of peninsula with many facilities for the wide range of water sports like water skiing, scuba diving ,windsurfing, pedalo's, jet ski's, parasailing, Ringo's, banana, flying fish and many more, You can lazily stretch out in sun, have a sunbath for hours here at the beach,

 Gumbet beach is man made and its fantastic,

There are many shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs behind the Gumbet beach, the bars on the beach offer free service and bring your drinks as you relax on the free sun beds and hammocks,

There are many other beaches close to the Gumbet beach where you can reach by the Dolmus buses, the Bitez, Turgutreis, Torba Beach, Camel Beach and also one is the topless beach.



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Mondays Güvercinlik
Tuesdays Bodrum (fabrics and clothing)
Wednesdays Gümüslük and Ortakent
Thursdays Bodrum (food) and Yalikavak
Fridays Bodrum (food) and Bitez
Saturdays Turgutreis (food and clothing)
Sundays Mumcular and Gumbet
New: there is a flea market in Bitez, every first Sunday of the month.



Girls especially with love to have there hair braided, be careful if done early in holiday as sun can burn scalp advised to wear hat!

Also the kids love having the henna tattoo's also advise to do a skin test before as some have been known to have a burnt skin reaction!

On the beach there are small park areas, go carting, Astra turf football area, on beach basket/volley ball, crazy golf, giant chess board, Many children will enjoy the visit to Bodrum Castle,



There are literally hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurants in Gumbet - There's something for everyone, karaoke bars, For the hardcore clubbers head to Bar Street open until 6am if you can keep up with the pace!!

the local beer priced at 90p per pint

A fantastic night out is Halikarnas offering something for everyone, offering a varied music selection each night from R&B, hip-hop, house party free beer nights to crazy foam party's, Lazar show and live performances Most restaurants offer free bottle wine with meal, & some offer two for one on children's meals,

There is a wide variety to eat delicious foods, You can taste various popular cuisines from Turkish food simple meals to gourmet feasts, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican &

if your missing English fast foods then there is Burger king and MacDonald's.

On the beach restaurants there are many that offer a wide variety off fresh fish dishes.

Highly recommended for a fantastic meal try Millennium restaurant for excellent food, service and atmosphere.


One of the truly unmissable experiences of a trip to Turkey is a visit to the Turkish bath, The bather lies down for a vigorous massage or a scrub, which involves the removal with a rough cloth glove of a lifetimes worth of dead skin, leaving you feeling revitalised, Turkish baths have been used for centuries as a way of relaxing the body and soothing tired muscles At the end of the session your left with a feeling that combines exhilaration, euphoria, total relaxation and absolute cleanliness, Having your skin exfoliated, leaving it lovely and smooth ready for you to be massaged from head to toe in soapy elveey bubbles to totally clean your skin, Leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed, Prepares your skin beautifully ready to catch an even sun tan!! recommended to do this in your early days of holiday as being scrubbed with a suntan could be painful !! the bath includes Exfoliation, soap massage, sauna & jacuzzi, also available at extra cost:-Oil Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Face/Foot



Stopping at various locations to snorkel and take in the breathtaking views A chilling-out day trip, calm and crystal blue waters. Sea breeze to cool you down, beautiful views around the Aegean coast. Boat trips from gumbet run everyday, You have the opportunity to ride on the doughnuts and banana boat as they follow you around, together with the ice-cream boat. Lunch is included and it is a  nice day out to top your tan up, drinks which covered beer, wine, cool drinks, tea, coffee and water are usally included in the price, this is a nice and relaxing trip, and great for the kids to go snorkeling. prices vary on different boats, usually £10 adults £5 children so do shop around, Boat taxi's over to Bodrum are also available,  Boat trips can be picked up at the marina. Also you can take a boat trip and venture further to the island of Kos for the day, this will involve you taking your passport.



once, the trade centre of the ancient world, a religious centre of the early Christianity and today, Ephesus is an important tourism centre in Turkey In ancient times Ephesus was the home of the one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Today, the ruins of Ephesus are a major tourist attraction, especially for travelers on Mediterranean cruises. Ephesus remains a sacred site for Christians due to its association with several biblical figures, including St. Paul, St. John the Evangelist and the Virgin Mary, The ancient city Ephesus is located in Selcuk, a small town 30km away from Kusadasi approximately 2hrs from gumbet, these trips can be booked within the resort.



There are two Waterparks near Gumbet, a very small one near Bodrum, and an absolutely huge theme park style waterpark out of Gumbet the opposite way. The latter is the one you want to make sure you get to, and it's called "Aquapark Dedeman". There are loads of slides, flumes, and in 2006 they had a fantastic new half pipe attraction installed. For the not so adventurous, there's always the lazy river and wave pool. You can book trips to Aquapark Dedeman within the resort, but we found the best way was to get a taxi (about 10 YTL), and then pay in (15 to 20 YTL depending on time of year - around £5 to £8 each). There is a free bus back from the park to the centre of Gumbet at around 5 or 6pm in peak season.



Located at Bodrum, the castle was built by Knights Hospitaller as the Castle of St. Peter in 1402.The castle now is a museum of underwater archaeology, to protect the castle from Ottomans,

The Castle was protected by knights from seven different countries and after its part destruction in 1960 the castle was converted to a museum of  underwater collection of shipwrecks. It is a great collection of historical ships  and the items that was found inside the ocean from the place where the shipwreck was found. Items like glassware, copperwares, gold and items that was carried on the ship that was found inside the sea are on display,

You can get fantastic views across bodrum harbour from the top of the castle.

 The castle was reconstructed in medieval times by the knights of St John after it was damaged by earthquake, A strong defense wall towards the land was constructed


Pamukkale has always been a very popular settlement where the hot springs were believed to have healing powers.     The terraces were formed by running warm spring water, at a temperature of 35 °C / 102 °F containing calcium bicarbonate. When the water loses its carbon dioxide it leaves limestone deposits. These are of different colors and shapes in the form of terraces with pools, overhanging surfaces and fascinating stalactite formations. Pamukkale which means "cotton castle" in Turkish takes its name from these formations. According to scientists, if the water had always flowed at this rate, the terraces must have begun forming 14,000 years ago.